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we invisible.

Okay. Almost. Our aligners are transparent. So it’s difficult to spot them. The cutie in the cafe won’t. The hottie in the office won’t.

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No ouch. No eew. The aligners are painless and tasteless. They are as comfortable as Netflix and chill. As personalized as your playlist.

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see your dream smile become a reality in an average of 6-8 months only.

Problem : Spacing

Problem : Spacing


Teeth straightening is not rocket science

But it’s definitely scientific and safe. Let’s go step by step.

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The first session, the impressions, the fittings & the delivery, happen at your doorstep. Every step is safe, scientific, overseen by experts, on par with global standards and painless. Your smile is in good hands. #MicDrop

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The following testimonials are non-fictional. No jaws, chins, lips, teeth or tongues were hurt in the process.

Review by Palak

"I was so conscious of my smile and was finally relieved to find a solution that didn’t require those ugly braces. I didn’t want anyone in my college to know I was wearing aligners and toothsi made sure that happened. I’m really loving my new smile and I’m receiving so many compliments.”


Review by Jay

"I always wanted to get aligners but the huge price tag kept me away until I saw toothsi’s prices. I couldn’t believe that it was so afordable compared to the alternatives available in the market. It’s super pocket-friendly and efective. So glad I found toothsi!"


Review by Hardi

“I absolutely loved toothsi. I was a little skeptical if I would get the results that they promised but they proved me wrong. Earlier I used to hide my smile and now I can’t stop smiling. Thank you toothsi for totally changing my life. You gave me the biggest gift.”



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What does ideal teeth alignment look like?

Even though teeth appear to be straight from the front, they may not be correctly aligned in specific areas, which can lead to dental issues like plaque buildup, gum sensitivity, cracking teeth and more. Realigning your teeth can help to reduce these issues and make you feel better about your smile.

But how do you know if your teeth are perfectly aligned? The best way to find out is to have an aligner company like toothsi evaluate you or to consult with your dentist during a routine check-up. Well, genetics determine the size and shape of your teeth and jaw which can also influence the severity of any misalignment. Many people have crowded or spaced teeth. They may have a jaw that is too small for the upper palate, or they may have an overbite or underbite

Ideal teeth alignment should:

  • Have upper teeth slightly overlap lower teeth.
  • Have the molar points fit into the grooves of the opposing molars.
  • Maintain symmetry in the upper and lower jaw lines.
  • Have top and bottom incisors that meet in a straight line.
  • Be painless and comfortable, with little wear and tear on specific teeth.

It is important to understand that almost no one has a perfect bite from the time their adult teeth come in. Most people require orthodontic assistance of some kind, and they frequently require orthodontic treatment throughout their lives as their teeth shift. Even people who appear to have perfectly straight teeth when they smile may have some misalignment that affects their oral health. While each person's alignment is unique, dentists base healthy mouths on ideal teeth alignment.

What should you know about correct teeth alignment?

Teeth are crooked or straight, correct? So, what exactly do people mean when they say ‘correct teeth alignment’? Here’s what you should know more about proper teeth alignment.

Correct alignment is determined by the size and position of the supporting skeletal structure, followed by the size, shape, and position of a tooth in the face and mouth. When this alignment is off, your "bite" is compromised. Untreated bite problems can lead to serious consequences such as tooth decay, gum disease, and more. The following are the most common bite problems:

Crossbite: When the jaw is closed, the top and bottom teeth do not meet in the correct position. This could have serious consequences for your health.

Open Bite: When the upper and lower teeth do not touch in the front or back of the mouth even when the jaw is closed. This leaves a gap, which may make you feel self-conscious while smiling.

Deep bite: When the top front teeth vertically overlap your bottom teeth by more than 2 mm as you close your mouth. Basically, it means that whenever you smile, your upper teeth get all the attention.

Crowding: When there is insufficient space in your mouth or your jaw is too small. Your permanent teeth are constantly competing for space to grow which makes them appear crowded.

Teeth Gap: In simple terms, gaps or spaces between teeth. They can form anywhere in the mouth, but they are most noticeable when a gap exists between the upper front teeth.

Overbite Teeth: When the upper teeth stick out far beyond the lower teeth. Everyone has slightly forward-facing teeth, which is fine. Severe cases, on the other hand, must be treated.

How does a clip for teeth work?

What is a clip? Well, a combination of brackets and archwires for your teeth straightening treatment! Are you thinking about how they work for your teeth? Braces apply pressure to your teeth, gradually pushing or pulling them into a better position. As pressure is applied to the bone, it changes shape as the teeth move. A wire inserted into the brackets applies pressure, gradually moving your teeth into a predetermined position.

Getting braces doesn’t hurt during the appointment, and the process takes between one and two hours. After your teeth have been cleaned and dried, ceramic, plastic, or stainless steel brackets are glued to your teeth. The brackets may be uncomfortable to wear but as you adjust to your braces, you may experience soreness for the first week. You may be sore for a few days after your orthodontist adjusts your braces.

Well, it’s time to say ‘buh-bye’ to your braces and switch to transparent teeth clip, also known as clear aligners. Unlike braces, these toothsi clear aligners give you the freedom and many more reasons to smile. Toothsi clear aligners are painless, invisible, removable, easy to maintain oral hygiene and minimum clinic visits. What’s more? Our best kept secret which will never come between you and your favourite food!

Wondering if toothsi aligners would put a dent on your wallet? Want to know more about teeth aligners cost? When compared to the cost of other invisible aligner brands, the cost of toothsi clear teeth aligners starts at just ₹2,786 per month, as opposed to their price range that’s anywhere between ₹1,50,000 - ₹3,50,000. Well, your smile means the world to us, we go that extra mile.

So now that you know how our aligners work and cost when compared to other invisible aligner brands and braces, why not book a free at-home 3D scan and get started with your smile makeover journey!

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